Call for Exhibitors(中文)

This PHM conference will also bring a series of industrial exhibitions, to promote the exchange between research, technology and applications, developments.

PHM-Harbin will offer a perfect sourcing form by drawing exhibitors, at most 20 qualified exhibitors would participate in the conference and each exhibitors would be charged for 4000 RMB (very low price).

Welcome potential industrial company to contact conference organizer via

Confirmed exhibitors are as follows (updated dynamically):

HIT Measurement And Control Technology Co., Ltd. (哈尔滨工大测控技术有限公司)

Hangzhou Chenggu Technology Co.Ltd. (杭州橙谷科技有限公司)

National Instruments Corporation (美国国家仪器有限公司)

Keysight Technology (china) Co., Ltd. (是德科技(中国)有限公司)

Beijing Sunwise Space Technology Co., Ltd. (北京轩宇空间科技有限公司)

Xi'an Operation Control Information Technology Ltd (西安运控信息科技有限公司)

Beijing Aerospace Measurement & Control Technology Co., Ltd. (北京航天测控技术有限公司)

Aviation Industry Corporation of China Shanghai Aero Measurement & Control Technology Research Institute (AVIC SAMRI) (中航工业上海航空测控技术研究所)

HongKong Qinda Technology Group Co., Ltd. (香港勤达科技集团)

Pickering Instruments (Beijing) Co., Ltd. (品英仪器(北京)有限公司)

MTCS Systems Engineering Co., Ltd. (北京汉通达科技有限公司)


Organizers and sponsors for the conferences: