Special Session

Call for special session proposals

Prospective organizers are invited to submit proposals for Special Sessions at PHM-Harbin. Prospective organizers of special sessions should submit proposals indicating:

o   Title of the proposed session.

o   Motivation and objectives for the session, emphasizing the benefits for PHM-Harbin.

o   Short biography of the organizer(s), a maximum of two, with complete address, and additional data for contact.

o   List of, at least 6-8 prospective contributed papers (or invited papers) (including titles, authors, and contact information of the corresponding author/s).

Submissions to special session are reviewed by corresponding session organizer(s) and the conference Review Group. The due date for Special Session Proposal is April 30, 2017.

Special session ( updated dynamically ) :

o   PHM for energy system

o   Circuits diagnostics and prognostics

o   PHM for electronic chips

o   PHM for electronic components or systems

o   PHM in aerial engineering

     (PHM技术在航空领域的应用, Organized by Prof. Yong Shen, Aviation Key Laboratory of Science and Technology on Fault Diagnosis and Health Management)

o   PHM for transportation

o   PHM for mechanical system

o   System diagnostics

o   Machine learning in PHM

o   Virtual Simulation for diagnostics and prognostics

o   Degradation and Health Assessment of Board-level electronic equipment

     (板级电子设备退化性能分析与健康状态评估, Organized by Prof. Bo Jing, Air Force Engineering University )

o   PHM for Rolling Bearings

     (滚动轴承PHM, Organized by Prof. Zhinong Li, Nanchang Hangkong University)

o   Testability for PHM

     (面向PHM的测试性, Organized by Prof. Jing Qiu and Prof. Guanjun Liu, National University of Defense Technology)

o   Deep Learning in PHM

     (基于深度学习的PHM, Organized by Prof. Yaguo Lei, Xi'an Jiaotong University)

o   PHM in spacecraft engineering

     (空间环境下电子器件与系统的故障诊断、预测及防护, Organized by Prof. Hong Xia and Prof. Min Tang, China Academy of Space Technology, Prof. Xingji Li, Harbin Institute of Technology)




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